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2016 growth rate than expected machinery industry continued smooth to good trend

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"2016 mechanical industry economic operation continued the fourth quarter of last year since the low steady trend, the basic operation of the year steady." China Machinery Industry Federation executive vice president Chen Bin recently accepted an interview with the China Industry News reporter said that in the " China made 2025 "and related policies under the guidance of the industry to run the overall smooth, the growth rate of recovery, the overall development trend to the good. At the same time, with the structural adjustment of the deepening of the industry to face the development of the market environment is still grim, deep within the industry more and more prominent contradictions, industrial transformation and upgrading of the task more arduous.
Chen Bin pointed out that the growth rate in 2016 than expected in the beginning of the year, is expected to increase the growth rate of machinery industry throughout the year will be higher than the national industrial and manufacturing industries, the main business income and profits to maintain the same pace of growth, export growth and strive to better than last year (- 3.36%).
Outlook 2017, Chen Bin said that the machinery industry will be the implementation of "Made in China 2025" as the starting point, market-oriented, business as the main body, to innovation as a fundamental, to maintain the smooth development of machinery industry on the basis of vigorously promote the machinery Industrial restructuring, transformation and upgrading, cost reduction and efficiency, and strive to achieve the healthy development of the industry.
Growth picked up more than expected
Chen Bin pointed out that since 2016, the major economic indicators of machinery industry growth rate in the previous year on the basis of a lower level generally recovered, the growth rate exceeded expectations at the beginning of the year. From January to October, the value-added growth rate of machinery industry increased by 9.3% over the same period of last year, which was higher than that of the same period. The growth rate of industrial and manufacturing industry increased by 4.1 percentage points over the same period of the previous year. The main business income increased by 7.22% Increased by 4.22 percentage points; to achieve profit growth of 7.19% over the same period last year increased by 6 percentage points.
As of October, the machinery industry has a total of 85,700 enterprises above designated size, accounting for 22.72% of the national industry; to achieve the main business income of 19.51 trillion yuan, accounting for 21.19% of the national industry; total profit of 1.29 trillion yuan, accounting for 2424 %, Contribute to the steady growth of national industry.
In the severe market competition, enterprises adapt to the direction of national industrial restructuring, and strive to develop marketable products, the development momentum is good.
With the consumption, environmental protection products closely related to the growth of production. Automobile 1 to 10 months of production and sales were completed 220,166,000, 22,172,200, an increase of 13.79%, 13.83%. Environmental protection products increased significantly, 1 to 10 months of environmental pollution prevention and control equipment increased by 21.17%; and logistics and storage-related internal combustion forklift increased by 11.3%, electric forklift increased by 2.64%, packaging equipment increased by 4.19%.
And new energy, intelligent manufacturing-related product sales growth. 1 to 10 new energy vehicles production and sales were 355,000 and 337,000, respectively, year on year increase of 77.9% and 82.2%. In the first half of the domestic industrial robots sales of 19,000 units, an increase of 70.8%.
In the national key transmission channel construction projects and to speed up the construction of the distribution network transformation and a new round of rural power grid upgrading project, driven by power transmission related products to maintain growth. The output of electrical and electrical equipment increased by 15.55% compared with the same period of last year. The power transformer was up 6.77% year on year, the power capacitor grew by 12.48%, the high voltage switchboard increased by 8.84% and the high voltage switchgear (11 million volts) grew 16.74% 15.49%, steel wire increased by 12.43%.
Innovative capacity building is advancing steadily
In the "China made 2025" strategy and other related industries under the guidance of industry policies, machinery industry transformation and upgrading, innovation and development continue to advance.


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